Napoleon PRO22 Charcoal Kettle

(Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2)



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Napoleon PRO Charcoal Kettle BBQ

The PRO22K-LEG kettle is probably one of the best charcoal BBQs to come off of any production line ever!, based loosely on a standard kettle BBQ design but overflowing with style and features rarely seen before. Starting from the bottom the barbecue has four legs, two with heavy duty wheels making it easy to move but solid when in place for cooking. The base of the bowl has a Stainless steel heat diffuser and dual stainless steel air vents, beneath is and easy clean ash catcher, that un-clips for easy disposal of ash.

The professional kettle PRO22K has a heavy duty porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid, this coating prevents rust and is heat resistant so the BBQ will look as new as each year goes on. Now the Kettle gets really clever, it has a three height adjustment system for fast and easy indirect cooking, along with superb quality cast-iron Wave cooking grids, these cooking grids are used in professional kitchens all around the world, they not only provide superb searing capabilities, but also disperse heat evenly and maintain heat for longer.

Moving up the PRO 22K has a large fixed frontal handle and an offset hinged lid for safe operation over the entire cooking surface, unlike many other kettle BBQs, the lid on the Napoleon PRO22 is fixed to the bowl, making it safer, you can check your food by lifting the lid slightly knowing it will not slide or roll off, the built-in thermometer gauge also helps to keep an eye on the internal cooking temperature.

• Offset Hinged Lid
• Optional Charcoal Baskets (Part No. 67400)
• Cast Iron Cooking Grids
• Stainless Steel Adjustable Air Vents
• Adjustable Cooking Height
• Porcelain Bowl and Lid

• Will also accept the Weber Pizza Oven Insert accessory!


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