Char-Broil The Big Easy® Smoker

(CharBroil 140678)



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Char-Broil The Big Easy® Smoker

Char-Broil The Big Easy® Smoker

The Big Easy® Smoker Roaster & Grill let’s you smoke, roast and grill--all in one. With TRU-Infrared there are no flare-ups and your food cooks evenly and juicy. It lights quickly and easily with the turn of a knob and there is a removable grease try for easy clean ups. The top functions as a grill so you can roast or smoke and grill at the same time.


• Assembled Dimensions: 24"W x 24"D x 36"H
• Box Dimensions: 32"W x 20"D x 20"H
• Weight: 62.00

General Information

• Model Number: 14101550
• Product Name: The Big Easy® Smoker Roaster & Grill
• Assembly Required: Yes

Grill Specifications

• Assembled Width (in.): 23.4
• Assembled Depth (in.): 23.1
• Assembled Height (in.): 36.2
• Grate Material: Chrome-plated Wire Basket
• BTUs: 18000
• Ignition Type: Rotatry Ignition

Firebox and Cooking Systems

• Fuel: LP
• Cooking System: TRU-Infrared™


• Cooking Grate Material: (1) Porcelain Coated Steel Grate

Lid and Cart

• Lid Material: Hi-Temperature Steel
• Wheels: Hi-Temperature Steel
  • Part Number: 140678
  • Barcode: 5709193020400
  • Shipping Weight (kg): 22
  • Catagory: CharBroil > Smoker > Gas > The Big Easy > Char-Broil The Big Easy® Smoker
  • Price Each: £ 299.99
"Easy Barbecue Ribs"
What you need:

• 2 x Racks of ribs
• Salt
• Your favourite rub
• Your favourite barbecue sauce


1. Skin the membrane off the back of the two slabs of ribs
2. Season the bone side with salt and your rub.
3. Flip over and season the meat side with salt and rub
4. Place the ribs in the smoker preheated to 170°C
5. At 90 minutes, sauce the bone side and then flip over and sauce the other.
6. Re-sauce every 30 minutes until the rib meat pulls back from the bones half to two thirds of a centimeter (about 2.5 to 3 hours)
7. Remove from the smoker, slice and serve...