Kamado Joe Barbecues
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Kamado Joe Barbecues

Kamado Joe III

New HYPERBOLIC INSERT The first of its kind, the revolutionary SloRoller leverages patented, Harvard science that transforms a Kamado Joe into one of the world’s most optimal smokers. By distributing smoke and heat in rolling, recirculating waves, the SloRoller surrounds food in clouds of delicious smoke while evenly distributing heat—resulting in enhanced flavor and significantly reduced hot spots.
New 3 TIER COOKING SYSTEM The revolutionary multi-level, half-rack design frees you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures
New Aluminium Side Shelves Powder Coated Aluminium folding side shelves for extra durability.
New New Cart Design Made from Powder Coated Galvanized Steel.
New STAINLESS STEEL CHARCOAL BASKET The Kamado Joe® Charcoal Basket makes it even easier to clean your firebox after a cook. The Charcoal Basket allows you to quickly separate leftover charcoal from your ashes and be ready for your next cook in seconds.

Kamado Joe Classic Joe III

Kamado Joe Classic Joe III Stand Alone

Kamado Joe Big Joe III

Kamado Joe Big Joe III Stand Alone

Kamado Joe II

AIR LIFT HINGE Innovative technology developed in conjunction with Weber Knapp (New York) this dome hinge reduces the weight by an astonishing 96%!
AMP FIREBOX Advanced Multi Panel FireBox, will seamless expand and contract to suit your cooking temperature.
KONTROL TOWER TOP VENT The perfect addition for consistent air settings - providing precise airflow management. All aluminium, no-rust and rainproof top vent.
STAINLESS STEEL LATCH Creates a ultra air-thght seal, self-activating will ensure you get full burn of your fuel and improved temperature control
FLEXIBLE COOKING RACK Originally the 'Divide and Conquer' The Kamado Joe® Flexible Cooking Rack is the skeleton of the Kamado Joe's cooking system. The flexible frame is designed to sit on the fire bowl. Versatile and useful cooking accessory can hold up to four different half-moon cooking accessories, doubling your cooking area, or provide multi level cooking and heat zones - great to sear a steak and grill your veggies at the same time! (all sold separately)

Kamado Joe Classic Joe II

Kamado Joe Classic Joe II Stand Alone

Kamado Joe Big Joe

Kamado Joe Big Joe II Stand Alone

Kamado Joe Junior

Kamado Joe Classic I

Kamado Joe Classic I + 30Kg FREE Block Charcoal

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Kamado Joe Kettle

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe + FREE Cover & Charcoal

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