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Napoleon Infrared Searing and Grilling

Napoleon Infrared Searing and Grilling


Infra SIZZLE ZONE side burners

Infrared CERAMIC BOTTOM burners

Stainless steel INFRARED REAR ROTISSERIE burner

Most grilling methods involve either direct contact of food with a heated surface or a combination of radiant heat and warm air. Infrared cooking heats the opaque, absorbent object, rather than heating the air around them. Efficiency is achieved by matching the wave length to the absorption characteristics of the meats and other food objects.

The unique benefit of infrared cooking is when the longer wave length hits an object such as meats and/or other foods; they cause vibrations thereby creating heat. Because of this, it is highly efficient with a minimum of flare-ups and uses less gas and time.

Almost all commercial cooking establishments employ some type of infrared cooking equipment. A gas infrared burner usually consists of a set of ceramic plates containing approximately 25,000 holes on the surface. Air and gas flow through these holes to burn at approximately 1800¡F. The ceramic plates radiate heat directly to the food, with much greater efficiency than the standard "blue flame" gas burner.

The longer time it takes to heat and cook will dry out the food more and cause considerable shrinkage. That is why high-end restaurants and steak houses have switched to infrared broiling and grilling.

Napoleon¨ infrared energy grills produce the same molecular vibration in food which can be generated by gas, electricity or charcoal (wood). The fact is that grilling with charcoal will give you a tremendous amount of infrared energy. This you can see by the colour. A wood fire burns orange, charcoal glows red. The redder the energy source gets, the more infrared is produced. A blue flame cannot radiate because the flame is the wrong colour.

A normal blue gas flame will heat the air first and then eventually will heat the food. You have much more heat loss than if that energy were to go directly to the food being cooked.

Napoleon's¨ Infrared grill system cooks with 100% infrared radiation so food retains its own natural juices and flavours. There is noticeably less shrinkage, and even well done meats will have that succulent, tender and juicy taste that the finest steak houses produce.

Instant Self-Cleaning The ceramic burners will vaporize food drippings, instantly creating a smoky vapour that infuses food with a natural, distinctive grilled flavour. With its self-cleaning feature similar to a kitchen range, clean up is fast and easy. All you have to do is turn your grill on high for 6 - 10 minutes with the hood closed and any food debris will be incinerated and your burners will look almost like new.

Green Grilling Charcoal grills are the most inefficient appliances made today to grill food. Grilling a steak on charcoal only takes 5 minutes but the charcoal will last for hours, polluting and heating the environment without any benefit whatsoever. Also, the cost of charcoal versus gas is enormous. Napoleon's¨ infrared grilling technology requires no preheating. You can heat, sear and cook your food instantly with very little carbon dioxide (CO?) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions which are directly related to acid rain, smog and global warming. The Napoleon¨ infrared burners are directly proportioned to the amount of fuel being used, which reduces emissions tremendously.

Better Lifestyle With shorter grilling times, and less demand on the environment, it becomes part of your every day lifestyle, not just an occasional grilling event. Since Napoleon¨ grills use infrared energy rather than hot air, they operate just as efficiently in extreme cold temperatures because extreme cold temperatures have no effect on cooking.

New Quintuple Heat Grilling System:

1. Infrared for searing and grilling (meats).
2. Blue gas tube burners for slower cooking for delicate foods (seafood, vegetables).
3. Traditional charcoal grilling for a different taste.
4. Infrared rear burner for easy cooking of chicken and roasts.
5. Side burner for preparing soup, sauces and side dishes.

This combination makes the Napoleon¨ grill an award winning appliance.
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