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Weber Charcoal Kettle Barbecues

Weber One Touch Original 57cm Charcoal Barbecue

RRP: £179.99 | save 15%
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Weber Compact Kettle 57cm Barbecue

RRP: £129.99 | save 19%
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Weber Compact Kettle 47cm Barbecue

RRP: £79.99 | save 37%
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Weber® OneTouch & MasterTouch Charcoal Kettle Barbecues

The Weber® OneTouch® & MasterTouch® kettle Barbecue in either Original or Premium is available in sizes from 47cm to 67cm and in colour variations to further enhance your garden.

The OneTouch range is available in 47 and 57cm diameters and black porcelain finish, for colours you need the MasterTouch, available as a 57cm kettle in 4 different colours, supplied with slide aside lid holder as standard and features the Gourmet System cooking grate.