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The Green Olive Small Swedish Eco Torch

(The Green Olive SMALL)



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The Green Olive Small Swedish Eco Torch

The Green Olive Small Swedish Eco Torch

The perfect accompaniment to an Alfresco evening burning between 1 and 1.5 hours providing light and heat when the sun has gone down!. Alternatively, use the Swedish Torch as a cooking tool to toast marshmallows or pop on a pan and sizzle some sausages! A great solution for camping or impromptu parties.

History behind the Eco Torch

During a 30-year war 1618-1648, Swedish Soldiers were able to make this sort of torch by cutting fresh Pine wherever they happened to be, negating the need to carry wood over long distances. The Swedish Torch were an instant fire that would stand alone, providing light and concentrated source of heat for them.

Directions for using the Swedish Torch

1. Only use outdoors and take sensible precautions
2. Place on non-flammable surface
3. Try to keep at lease 4 meters from flammable items
4. Stand the Torch Upright
5. Light the Torch only with the eco firelighter in the centre
6. Light from above the torch using a match or lighter
7. Keep children away and keep the fire under supervision
8. Once burning to not move
9. Extinguish by pouring water on the torch when finished using

Supplied individually each log being 12-18 cm in diameter
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