Jack's Meat Dust 150g

(Jack's Meat Shack Rubs Meat Dust-150)



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Jack's Meat Dust 150g

Jack's Meat Dust

Made from all natural herbs and spices with a nice little firey, kick of smoked chilli, this little bad boy will add an extraelement to all your meaty needs including; chicken, pork, beef and even fish and veggies.

St louis Style Ribs

St louis Style Ribs or Spare Ribs are a taken from the Sternum of the pig and have the costal cartilage and flap attached.
To prepare your spare ribs, remove the membrane on the bottom, cover in American mustard to help break down the meat to give the dry rub something to stick to.

Give a good coat of JACK'S MEAT DUST that's pretty much it...

There are many different schools of thought when It comes to cooking ribs, the favourite being the tried and trusted "3-2-1" method.
3 hours of smoking at 135c
2 hours wrapped in foil with a little liquid in the foil to keep them from drying out
1 hour unwrapped at a higher temp with a good glaze of BBQ Sauce if you wish OR if you're going Texas style, heat up some BBQ sauce and serve it up on the side!

Paprika, salt, chipotle powder, ground cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder (sulphites), Mustard seeds.
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