Broil King Keg

(Broil King 911050)
Broil King Keg 2000 Charcoal Barbecue

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Grade A Resturant Charcoal
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Broil King® Keg® 2000 Charcoal Barbecue

Expand your grilling experience and enjoy true cooking performance with authentic barbecue flavor. The patented Broil King Keg® is an innovative charcoal grill that offers many advantages over traditional charcoal grills and other kamado-style grill.

Unlike most ceramic "kamado-style" grills, the Keg's durable body is made of double walled steel with high-grade insulation in between. This technologically advanced design keeps the heat in, creating a very efficient, thermal convectionstyle oven while delivering superior cooking performance.

• 280 sq. in. / 1,806 sq. cm total cooking area
Broilking Keg Cooking Surface

• Heavy-duty cast iron cooking grids
• Heavy duty stationary stand
• Deluxe Accu-Temp thermometer
• Cast iron upper damper
• Latch and lock lid mechanism
• Stainless steel lower damper
• Rust resistant porcelain coated cooking chamber
• Heavy duty resin handles
• Durable exterior terra powder coated matte black finish
• Assembled Dimensions: H 114cm x L 73cm x W 70cm
  • Part Number: 911050
  • Barcode: 062703110509
  • Shipping Weight (kg): 52
  • Shipping Size (cm): 85 x 58 x 73 (Height x Width x Depth)
  • Main Cooking Area: 480 sq in
  • Catagory: Broil King > Smoker > Charcoal > Keg > Broil King® Keg® 2000 Charcoal Barbecue
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"Smoked Shredded Pork Barbecue Sandwiches"

Pulled pork is a Southern United States classic! The pork shoulder is cooked long and slow, then shredded and served with a tangy barbecue sauce. The pork shoulder is a less tender cut of meat, which must be cooked on the barbecue for between 5 and 8 hours.

1 large pork shoulder

6 lb bone-in with fat covering attached

1/2 cup Lemon Chili Herb Rub

1 1/2 cups favourite barbecue sauce

8 large crusty rolls

2 cups apple or hickory wood chips

Sprinkle the pork shoulder generously with rub and massage in on all sides. Set aside for an hour to allow flavours to penetrate the meat.

Soak wood chips in water for a minimum of 1 hour, before starting the barbecue. If using a smoker box, follow the manufacturers directions, and place below the cooking grids, otherwise wrap wood chips loosely in a double layered pouch of foil. Pierce the foil 8 - 10 times with a large fork. To cook the pork over indirect heat, place a drip pan on the vapourizer, on the right side of the grill. Place the smoker box or foil pouch on the grids on the left side of the grill.

Close the lid and preheat barbecue on HIGH, until the wood chips start smoking, about 15 minutes. Maintain the heat as low as you can, between 250°F - 300°F.

Place the pork shoulder, fat side up, over the drip pan, on the right hand side of the grill, which has the heat turned OFF. Grill slowly on LOW temperature. To maintain an oven temperature of 250°F, you may have to reduce the temperature to MEDIUM. Cook for 4 - 7 hours, until internal temperature of pork has reached about 170°F. Meat will be so tender that it can be shredded, or pulled with a fork!

Let pork sit for 15 minutes, covered with foil. Shred or cut the pork and serve it on crusty buns, accompanied with your favourite barbecue sauce